11 – Keeping your kids secure – online and off

Andy Murphy has always been the guy who can’t sit with his back to the door. This situational awareness has kept him safe on numerous occasions and he’s mindful of what he needs to do to keep his family safe as well. This includes keeping kids safe online and protecting their identities.

Andy created thesecuredad.com, where he shares tips and valuable information regarding family safety. He believes that “as dads we are called to be protectors, teachers, chefs and story time narrators. We are called to answer the wolf at the door and the plastic telephone a toddler hands us.”

On this episode of the Tactical Dads podcast, Andy discusses the importance of family security, his awesome choice for favorite movie/TV dad, and how to be there for your kids.

Books mentioned in the podcast:


Verbal Judo

Check out Andy’s website, The Secure Dad, at www.thesecuredad.com.

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