Tactical Dads are tough


There are a lot of adjectives that can be used to describe fathers. Some are good, some are unfortunately earned through many years of fathers not being all they should be. Since the goal at Tactical Dads is to equip dads to be more than just fathers, there are some pretty specific descriptive words we have in mind. Anyone who takes part in the process of making a baby is a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. And it takes a real man to be a Tactical Dad.

A Tactical Dad is no ordinary man. No, he’s a man who takes care of his children with an end goal in mind. He gives all of himself, every single day, for the sake of his kids.

The first characteristic that describes a Tactical Dad is toughness. Parenthood isn’t for the weak, and a lot of guys ditch the mothers of their children because they’re scared or selfish. Others stick around, but do very little to participate in parenting. Neither of these men are Tactical Dads. A Tactical Dad is tough enough to grit it out when things get rough. He’s not scared away by the challenges of fatherhood.  He’s able to withstand the long days and the sometimes sleepless nights. He’s able to take criticism like a champ, without giving up when he’s questioned. He’s ready to lead his kids, standing his ground when the time comes to do so.

A Tactical Dad has to be willing to stand firm in the face of criticism, uncompromising when it comes to his kids. There’s no one else that knows your kids like you do. There’s no one else that wants to see them succeed like you do. And you’re the one who has a plan for their success. It’s easy to cave in when questioned, but toughness is vital to parenting.

This isn’t a characteristic that we’re necessarily born with. It’s something that’s forged like steel, developed through adversity, and perfected over a lot of time and experience. We’re all going to fail from time to time. We’re going to loosen up when we should have been consistent. We’re going to bend at the wrong time. It’s not about never getting it wrong. Quite to the contrary, toughness is earned through learning from the mistakes and making better choices for the direction of our families.